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New England GSD at Savior Farm

German Shepherds



New England GSD is a place where German Shepherds can be the dogs they were always meant to be. Paul Nugent,owner and founder of New England GSD, is a man with a unique gift. He feels his German Shepherds emotions. He understands their body language and knows when they’re content or afraid. As a boy he has always had a German Shepherd by his side. He learned innately how to communicate with them and how to train them. Paul and his German Shepherds have a mutual respect for one another, like no other breeder or trainer I have ever met. Paul trains his German Shepherds to be dogs. Working, obedient, and happy. In return, Paul loves his German Shepherds like they are his family. 

Paul is a breeder of well-mannered, working dogs. He only breeds German Shepherds to better the breed. Paul is very selective about who can purchase one of his puppies. He knows each puppy’s personality and knows what type of home each puppy needs to flourish


Our Services


German Shepherds are working dogs. They are happiest when given a job. We train our German Shepherd dogs with positive reinforcement. From basic and advanced obedience, to search and rescue, our German shepherds are bred to work. 


Savior Farm will board your dog while you're away. Your dog can have a nice relaxing time romping and playing. There is an option to have your dog given private obedience training during his stay. Training is an hour one on one with our trainer each day of boarding. 



We have puppies ready to go now!



5am - Midnight

Saturday and Sunday

5am - Midnight


We have puppies!! call or email for details and to leave a deposit.